5 Tips & Tricks For Painting Your Bedroom

No matter how big our house is, the only room that brings comfort after a long day is the bedroom. Nothing feels better than walking into a beautifully painted room that gives an energetic and refreshing vibe. But if the interior isn’t what we wish, it doesn’t give a lively feel.

Do you think the same? Bored with relaxing in the same room after a long day? Looking to make some changes to your bedroom for a refreshing look?

If you’re planning to paint your room for a new look, here are some tips and tricks that can be followed.


The foremost step while painting your bedroom is to pick the right paint. It not only means choosing your favourite colour but also includes the right finish, quality and brand of the paint.

Go through as many colour testers as you can and then shortlist. Consider all the factors that would affect the appearance of your room from lighting to finishing and final dried appearance. Don’t forget about the paint for the ceiling, choose wisely complementing colour to the walls.

Choose the right brand and don’t fall for low costs. Lower the price, the more coats would be required for the walls without a flawless look. Whereas a little expensive brand might assure quality and a great finish for the walls. Opt for qualitative and eco-friendly paints for your room to avoid any kind of health issues due to bad fumes.


Tools are very important when painting your room. Your contractor should make sure they’re using the right paintbrush for giving walls the effect that you desired. From shape to size to bristles, paintbrushes are more complex than you ever wondered.

Paintbrush with synthetic bristles is best suited for water-based paints, whereas natural bristle is used for solvent-based paints. In addition to bristles, the shape of the paintbrush also matters a lot. Angle sash brush is most apt for corners and areas that are hard to reach. While a no loss brush is suitable for a smooth finish to the walls.

Paint rollers are also a great tool for painting the walls. They come in different lengths and are used to give textured effects to the walls.


After choosing the right paints and tools for your room, the next essential tip is to protect the essential things in the room. You definitely don’t want uneven paint lines along the border or spilt paints on the furniture.

Cover the borders or the parts you don’t want to get painted. A masking tape can be used along the switchboards and borders to avoid untidy paint drops.

In order to protect the furniture, you can remove it from the room or cover it with a canvas or cloth that can absorb the paint. The floor can also be covered with a sheet of plastic or canvas to save cleaning for later.


It’s time to prepare the walls for painting. Make sure the surface of the walls is even and there no holes or patches present. For best results wash the walls properly. Apply a paint primer before starting the final painting to lessen the number of coats and make the look durable.

After cleaning and prepping up the walls for the final step, do not just put the paints on the walls. There are techniques to be followed to get a good result.

Mix the paints together in a bucket to keep the colour consistent instead of pouring into different trays. Always start painting from top to bottom and do not stretch out too much paint for a flawless look.


To give a touch-up and finish up the process, make sure the paint is completely dry. Remove the tape from the borders carefully and clean the sides without peeling off the paint.

Add back the furniture, and decorate the room with elegant decor items.

That’s all, your bedroom is ready!

So, get in touch with the professional house painter in Brisbane and utilize these tips to give your room a great look.

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