Boost Mental Wellness With The Right Colours on Your Walls

When it comes to painting a house or office space, colours play an important role. They can easily change the energy of a place and make you feel a certain way. The paint colours not just add decoration to the walls but also impact our thoughts and feelings.

Many times we look at different wall colours and feel a certain vibe. When painted right in warm shades, they make us feel calm and relaxed, or happy and excited. On the other hand, the wrong paints in bold and too bright shades make us feel tense, irritated or confused. There are many professional commercial and house painters in Brisbane who can offer a wide range of choices.

The general idea of choosing the right paint colour is to determine the primary function of the room. Who will be using the room and how do you want them to feel? What will be the room used for? What activities will take place in the room?

If you’re looking to make changes in your home paints, here are some facts about various colours and how they affect your mood.


Peaceful, calm and soothing, blue has an amazing power to manage stress. It’s a serene colour that relaxes your mind, keeps blood pressure controlled and reduces anxiety. Light shades of blue give a positive impact while darker blues can trigger depressed feelings. Associated with tranquillity and contentment, it is a popular choice for bedroom walls, and home offices.


White colour symbolizes purity and cleanliness. It creates an illusion of a spacious room and is very common when it comes to painting walls. Surrounded in a white painted room would give you a clarity of thoughts and tackle stressed thoughts. An important factor while choosing white is that it needs to be clean and bright because dull and stark would lead to dull thoughts.


An intense colour, boosting with energy, the right shade of red needs to be chosen carefully as it produces a bold look. Studies show that it can increase adrenaline, raise blood pressure and speed up heart rate. Red is a great choice if you want to stir up lively conversations and excitement in a room.


Violet or purple gives a vibe of royalty, creativity, and wisdom. It has the influence to make you feel peaceful and bring balance to your thoughts. According to some studies, meditation under violet light can be more powerful than any other colour. Light purple or lavender is an ideal paint for bedroom.


The colour of plants and nature, green signifies growth, abundance, and healing. It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing colours that can diffuse anxiety, attract harmonious feelings and keep you calm. Green is the best option in areas that require concentration and quietness like bedroom, office or a library.


Yellow is often associated with optimism, energy and warmth. Having a prominent yellow thing around you can give your day an energetic start. But choose the right shade of yellow for your walls carefully. Don’t go for too bright, your guests shouldn’t feel like they need sunglasses in your home. Soft yellow works best for a cheery and happy mood. It works best for kitchens, offices, and dining rooms.


Many people think grey as dull and a little depressing colour. But the fact is that it has a soothing and cool effect. Warm grey tones offer elegance and can liven up your rooms. When paired with shades of blue or white elements, grey paints can create a calm environment.

Entrusting your painting project to professional painters will ensure that the best shades are chosen for every room. So, get in touch with the best house painters in Brisbane and give your home a happy vibe with the right colours.

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