The Right Way to Painting a House Exterior

A house is called a home when you treat it with love and pay attention to its maintenance. Be it about the air conditioning, plumbing or interior decor, you must take care of everything on a seasonal or annual basis. One thing that does not require yearly care is the exterior. Once you make the right investment and pay heed to the nitty-gritty of exterior residential and commercial painting, it won’t wear off for another 5-10 years depending on a number of factors. Exterior painting may seem to be a laborious process but it can be made relatively easy by choosing the right painting contractor and being well aware about the process, materials involved.

If you’re planning to hire a professional painting contractor for your house any time soon, following are some things you should know about the process.

1. Pressure Washing: The foremost step that any professional would undertake will be the pressure washing of the exterior walls. To get the best coverage, professional painters first aim to remove dirt and dust buildup from house using a pressure washer. Experienced painters Brisbane will work their way from top to bottom of the house in a controlled and consistent way.

2. Repairs: Once the exterior walls are cleaned and all dirt is removed, the next step would be to repair any damaged surfaces. Experienced contractors would go through the perimeter very closely to take a note of any surfaces that need repair. They’d check for the damages in the wood, metal, stucco, or siding. They would use the epoxy filler to fill in the cracks and holes using spackle knife. Once the filler dries out, the process of preparing the walls comes next.

3. Removing the Loose Paint: Once the damages are fixed and the filler has dried up, removing the loose paint is the next step. Parts of the walls that have chipped or loose paint using a scraper.

4. Filling the Gaps: Most painting contractors will move on to filling any gaps that are found between the house and trim around windows and doors. This is mostly done using a caulk gun. They may use different materials based on the composition of the walls and what they’re made from.

5. Priming the Walls: Having filled the gaps, removing the loose painting and doing all necessary walls, priming the walls to hide any unwanted stains is what a professional painting contractor would do next. This is a very important step that no contractor should miss. If missed, you may not get a proper finish and result as expected.

6. Covering the Accents: This is the final step under the prep-phase where you’ll have to make sure that all the windows, lamps, lights, doors and any other wall accent is covered with a plastic sheet so that they do not get spoilt in the process of painting.

7. Painting the Exterior: Before the painter starts with the main task, make sure you’ve checked the colour and confirm if it is what you agreed upon in the first place.

Depending on the walls and the colour, the painting contractor may choose to do two or more coats to achieve the desired finish. Again, the painting should be done from the top to the bottom just like the washing, apply one or two coats of flat or eggshell exterior paint to entire house. If you’re changing the colour from a lighter to a dark shade or vice versa, a coat of primer will be done before the actually paint goes up on the walls.

8. Doors and Windows: Painting the doors and windows should be the last step after the finishing coat has been done on the walls. This is done to ensure that if any paint has dripped from the walls, the spots can be covered.

A professional painting contractor will make sure all these steps are followed systematically to give you shiny house exterior. Knowing the process makes its even more efficient as you can check if the painter is doing the work in the right way or not. If you think, there may not be enough time on your hands to keep a tab on what the painter is doing, the best thing to do is to hire a reputed one who has undertaken several projects in your local area such as professional house painters Brisbane.

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