We offer 24/7 free estimate through our online support service as well as detailed quotes after visiting the site. Dream Team provides you with an itemised quote that specifies exactly what will be done and shows pricing for different criteria.

  • Dream Painters aims to make pricing as transparent as possible.
  • Our goal is to deliver high-quality service with outstanding customer care at a reasonable cost.
  • For efficiency, the EPMT operation system is implemented and frequently provisioned to ensure highly effective project management techniques. This allows us to save valuable time on completing the projects.

Cost of the projects may vary considerably based on many factors.

  • The condition of the surfaces- determines the level of preparation required.
  • The nature of the surfaces to be painted- smooth, weatherboard, VJ walls, stucco, brick veneer, newer masonry, rendered homes, etc.
  • State of the project- new, restoration, re-paints, drastic colour changes.
  • Coatings and materials that need special treatment- lead paints, exposed asbestos.
  • Accessibility- house on the slope, occupied property, pools, gardens, high-rise,
  • Architectural features- designer materials, Queenslanders, Post War homes
  • Preferred materials to be used.
  • The timeframe when job needs to be done and finished


Internal Painting

Project Price

    Walls, ceiling, woodwork, doors From $36 m2  

  2 storey 3 bdr house (2 bath, garage, study, kitchen, laundry,  stairs)* $7000- 9000 + GST

  Single storey 3 bdr apartment ( 2 bath, kitchen, laundry)* $4500- 6000 + GST 
  2 bedroom apartment (1 bath, kitchen, laundry)*  $2500- 4000 + GST
  Studio apartment* repaint $1500- 3000 + GST

* includes preparation, small repairs,
repaint of ceilings, walls, doors and trims

External Painting

Project Pricing Per Square Meter

  Stucco repaint $20-30 m² 

  Deck staining $20-40 m²

 Weatherboard stripping and restoration $40-70 m²

 New weatherboard prep and paint $25-40 m²

Good condition weatherboard repaint $20-30 m²

* prices may vary regards to the
scale of the job