Exterior House Painting

Dream Painter is providing good quality exterior house painting in Gold Coast. We know that it is a big job and it should be done right the very first time. Whether painting wood, stucco, brick or weatherboard, all of these need to be treated the right way to withstand South-East Queensland humid, hot or cold weather.

We provide 2 year warranty for our exterior paint jobs.

Firstly, we ensure the safety of workers, other trades and occupants.

Necessary barriers and signs are displayed.

We start with thorough preparation, pressure washing and protection of property. Creating a clean surface and protecting any surrounding areas is essential to optimize results and save valuable time in the future.

Detailed preparation of the areas to be painted is the key element in order to get quality results. Removing flaky paint, sanding surfaces caulking and filling are the necessities not to be overlooked. We finish with final cleaning and dusting to ensure optimal adhesion and flawless results for times to come.

We undercoat, paint and gloss all surfaces regards to its nature and purpose. All conventional acrylic and oil-based paint systems applied.
Finally, cleaning and inspecting are performed to make sure all standards are met and the site is returned in spotless condition.