5 Interior House Painting Tips

You might have plenty of houses all around the city of Brisbane, but there is only one home, the place where your heart belongs, the place which brings back the smoothing yet nostalgic itch to your soul! A home is a space where your body and mind belong, where you and your family’s very essence is reflected by every inch of the space. And nothing speaks more about your true belongingness to the space than the colors of your home.

But contrary to the belief, picking up a brush and splashing the colors around is not what interior house painting is all about. Anyone who has toiled for painting their homes and not using a professional help of house painters in Brisbane will vouch for the fact that the interior painting is no walk in the park! Uneven colors, dripping corners, overlapped areas; home interior painting can be paved with plenty of potholes.

So to make your next interior painting project a success, here are the 5 painting tips which will help you sidestep those sinful potholes while you pick up the brush to paint your home like a palatial adobe-

1. Don’t let the Roller Lap Marks spoil your interior

All the commercial painters, Brisbane worth their salt will tell you that leaving roller lap marks on the wall is a numero uno mistake anyone can commit while painting home walls afresh. A roller lap marks become prominent when you paint over a part of the wall which you have previously painted. The best way to avoid this problem is to coat a layer of paint over the places you have pained previously before the color has dried.

2. Keep it Consistent!

Rome was not built in a day and your home can not be completed looking like a dream-pad with one can of your favorite color. Paint colors can vary from one batch to another. So if you end up painting your wall with two different shades, the appearance will take a serious hit. The way out? In order to ensure that color consistency is maintained, you can simply pour all the paint cans that you have estimated will get the job done into a single container (professional interior house painters, Brisbane usually suggest a five-gallon bucket to get the work done) and then mix them thoroughly to obtain a uniformity in color shade.

3. Keep the ‘Edge on’

Possibly the toughest of the areas to deal with when you have planned to pick the brush up to revamp your home vibes with some eye-catching colors aka the dreaded corners. Corners can be really tricky even with the use of masking tape to cover them up. You pull the masking tape off and the edge is far from being perfect all because some portion of the new paint gets peeled off with it. So what can be the solution to this? Patience can be of.

4. Even is good

Always prime the whole of the space you want to paint after ensuring that any kind of holes, cracks and uneven surfaces has been filled. If you fail to do so, the areas with repairs will absorb colors quite differently than the rest of the wall and will give the onlooker a dappled and uneven finish.

5. Maximize the use of Cotton Drop Cloths

While you were busy given the walls around your space a new look, your floor ended up receiving the worst of it with paint drops all over it. Unlike a plastic sheet your use to cover your floor, cotton drop cloths doesn’t leave the paint drops wet for a long time. Also a cotton drop cloth has a better traction when placed on the floor enabling it to be used it safely with the ladder.

So those are some of the pointers you should keep handy while you undertake a DIY project of painting your home. And if you feel you can use some professional help while you muscle through those brush strokes, then don’t hesitate to reach out to an assiduous team of residential painters, Brisbane who will be happy to help you paint your dream house.

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