5 Signs You Need To Repaint Your House

A house gains its personality though the paint it embodies. The colour really brings out a different impression of the house and with every change in colour it gives out a different vibe. Since repainting a house is an expensive matter, people generally tend to choose a colour palette they prefer and let the paint thrive for a long time. But they forget that after a certain amount of time the need for repainting arises and ignorance results in the house looking shabby. Hence, we have compiled five signs that you need to repaint your house.

Cracking and Chipping walls

It is something that is impossible to miss. Peeling and cracking walls indicate a leak or poor ventilation in the house. It occurs because the water vapours congregate between the wall and paint, forcing the pain to peel off. There are only two solutions to this problems – first, only use paint that resists peeling and cracking over time; second, get the pain redone! There is no other way out! Some people try to hide it with wallpapers but that makes matters even worse as wallpaper tends to peel off with chipping paint. Never hesitate about redoing the paint in this situation.

Moulds and Blight

Another problem caused by poor ventilation and damp walls are mouldy fungus that spreads all over the walls and doors. These mouldy spots will spread if not instantly taken care of. Generally, people tend to pain over the spots to hide them which results in the fungus to grow under fresh coat as well. The most recommended solution is to use pesticides and remove the mould altogether. It shall be followed by a fresh coat of paint. When you’re already dipping the toe in this project, why not select a good paint of choice and give your home a fresh look!

Scuff Marks

Wear and tear of the house is evident with the passage of time. It shows on walls too, through various scuff marks that appear in various spots. The reasons for same are uncountable, but moving furniture, having children at home, are a few to name. Some of them are tiny and can be hidden behind a painting, but others clearly indicate the need to get in touch with good interior painters in Brisbane. It gives you a chance to beautify your house.

Faded Paint

Even though a very good paint band has been used, every colour has its expiry date. With time, the colour starts to fade as house continuously stands under powerful sunlight and different weathers. This is the reason why most people generally use lighter colours as the fading is not too apparent with them. Nevertheless, the fading does occur and it calls for a new exterior painting service.

Reselling The House

If you are planning to sell your house, it is advised to get the house repainted. Good paint job add to the attractiveness of house and automatically increases its resale value. Generally, the house painters Brisbane suggest to choose a neutral colour because it attracts more buyers who do not have to worry about painting it back in different colours. You can obtain multiple painting offers from different professionals too!

It is crucial to keep the house up to date as its bad impression will reflect on you.


Choosing Unique Color Schemes for Your Home

Bustling with whole palette of colorful life and home to an underground opera circuit, delectable lamington, and one-of-the-kind street beach, Brisbane or as the local folks call it “Brizzie” is all about eating, drinking, stop, play and stay. And with spring around the corner, brizzie air is about to don a façade of a new beginning. So why not dress up your adobe with the same vibes by revamping your interiors with some edgy and eye-catching color scheme! Call up Interior painters, Brisbane or let your mind run wild but first take some pointers from our top 5 combinations which are awe-worth modern take on interior color concept yet infallibly are capable enough to put class into classy-

Take a cue from nature!

If we juxtapose a home’s interior to the natural pattern of our surroundings, then below our feet signifies a dark shade of color aka the earth, ahead of us is a medium color shade such as trees and buildings and above our heads is the lightest of the three shades represented by sky. Ditto goes for the interiors if you want to play your card with utmost caution yet get appealing results. Pick a color (or let interior painters, Brisbane choose one for you) that suits your furniture and apply this “trio rule” to jazz up your pad!

Bringing black and white back!

Black for impact and white for calmness, the splashes and pops of black and white never go obsolete. Everyone loves them and rightly so. Black adds a touch of regal vibes to the surroundings while white brings subtlety to the existing color scheme. The communication between these two starkly divergent colors is what gives an inimitable aura to the space.

60-30-10 rule

A classic formula which still holds strong, the 60-30-10 color scheme is the definitive way of making your interior colors work like a charm. 60 percent stands for portion of a dominant color (like walls), 30 percent signifies secondary color (such as upholstery and other furniture) and 10 percent is the ‘burst’ of accent color (such as accessories around the room). This mélange of color ratio ensures that the colors are well balanced and the interest of onlookers is stuck in the alluring vice of appreciation.

Scandinavian Saga

A very ‘in’ concept lapped up by millions looking to pep-up their interiors is the Scandinavian design. Relying heavily on hues of whites and grays, Scandinavian color scheme is minimalistic, classy and bewitching. The whites and the gray make a space look bigger while giving it a very senses-pleasing touch. You can start with painting your walls white and add elements of gray on the ceiling as well as in furniture to exemplify simplicity and functionalism.

The monochromatic charm

Fly solo with your favorite color and paint a section of your house with it. Keep the accessories and furniture in turn with the color and see how it hogs all the spotlight! You can balance the color with white floor to give the interior a clean flow.

5 Interior House Painting Tips

You might have plenty of houses all around the city of Brisbane, but there is only one home, the place where your heart belongs, the place which brings back the smoothing yet nostalgic itch to your soul! A home is a space where your body and mind belong, where you and your family’s very essence is reflected by every inch of the space. And nothing speaks more about your true belongingness to the space than the colors of your home.

But contrary to the belief, picking up a brush and splashing the colors around is not what interior house painting is all about. Anyone who has toiled for painting their homes and not using a professional help of house painters in Brisbane will vouch for the fact that the interior painting is no walk in the park! Uneven colors, dripping corners, overlapped areas; home interior painting can be paved with plenty of potholes.

So to make your next interior painting project a success, here are the 5 painting tips which will help you sidestep those sinful potholes while you pick up the brush to paint your home like a palatial adobe-

1. Don’t let the Roller Lap Marks spoil your interior

All the commercial painters, Brisbane worth their salt will tell you that leaving roller lap marks on the wall is a numero uno mistake anyone can commit while painting home walls afresh. A roller lap marks become prominent when you paint over a part of the wall which you have previously painted. The best way to avoid this problem is to coat a layer of paint over the places you have pained previously before the color has dried.

2. Keep it Consistent!

Rome was not built in a day and your home can not be completed looking like a dream-pad with one can of your favorite color. Paint colors can vary from one batch to another. So if you end up painting your wall with two different shades, the appearance will take a serious hit. The way out? In order to ensure that color consistency is maintained, you can simply pour all the paint cans that you have estimated will get the job done into a single container (professional interior house painters, Brisbane usually suggest a five-gallon bucket to get the work done) and then mix them thoroughly to obtain a uniformity in color shade.

3. Keep the ‘Edge on’

Possibly the toughest of the areas to deal with when you have planned to pick the brush up to revamp your home vibes with some eye-catching colors aka the dreaded corners. Corners can be really tricky even with the use of masking tape to cover them up. You pull the masking tape off and the edge is far from being perfect all because some portion of the new paint gets peeled off with it. So what can be the solution to this? Patience can be of.

4. Even is good

Always prime the whole of the space you want to paint after ensuring that any kind of holes, cracks and uneven surfaces has been filled. If you fail to do so, the areas with repairs will absorb colors quite differently than the rest of the wall and will give the onlooker a dappled and uneven finish.

5. Maximize the use of Cotton Drop Cloths

While you were busy given the walls around your space a new look, your floor ended up receiving the worst of it with paint drops all over it. Unlike a plastic sheet your use to cover your floor, cotton drop cloths doesn’t leave the paint drops wet for a long time. Also a cotton drop cloth has a better traction when placed on the floor enabling it to be used it safely with the ladder.

So those are some of the pointers you should keep handy while you undertake a DIY project of painting your home. And if you feel you can use some professional help while you muscle through those brush strokes, then don’t hesitate to reach out to an assiduous team of residential painters, Brisbane who will be happy to help you paint your dream house.

4 Most Important Things to Consider Before Painting Your Home or Office

After a certain period of time, the exterior and interior paint of our homes and offices gets old and worn out or we get bored of it. In such cases, we usually want to repaint to give a new look to our homes or offices. But the challenge is to choose new colours that have the approval of everyone at home and give a new life to interiors and exteriors of the house. It becomes more important that you choose an attractive and decent paint on the walls if you are planning to sell the house. It adds value to your home and you can ask for a better price.


Some people like to paint their homes and offices on their own. This is a good thing but you must know that professional external house painters in Brisbane can do this job for you in a much better manner.


In this article we take a look at the 4 most important things that you must consider before painting your home.


1. Go according to the weather condition:

Weather and climate where you live are very important. In case you live where it rains a lot then you need to have a paint that dries fast and withstand constant rain over the years. If you live where the weather gets too hot in summer and too cold in winters, then you need to choose the paint which can withstand extreme weather conditions. For better understanding of this you can consult a professional who is an expert in residential and commercial painting services in Brisbane.

2. Colour Selection:

This is probably one of the most difficult parts. You need to have colours that go with the architecture of the building and at the same time give a warm, welcoming and capacious feel to the rooms.  You can use contrasting colour schemes for the exterior of your home that highlight the architecture of the building. There are many capable and experienced commercial painters in Brisbane who can help you in this regard.


3. Quality of Paint:

The quality is one to the most important aspect of choosing any paint. Never go for cheaper paints if you want the paint to last longer. If your exterior painting service provider asks you to get weather proof paint, go for the best quality paints available in the market that can provide extra layers of protection to the walls of your home. Today you may feel that by going for cheaper paint you are saving money. But if that paint doesn’t last more than the next couple of years the money you are spending now will go down the drain. Always make sure that you buy the best paint that lasts longer and protects the walls for a longer period of time.

4. Make sure the paint compliments the surroundings:

If you have a garden, then make sure that the colour scheme you choose complements the landscaping of the garden. Never paint the exteriors of your home green if your home is surrounded with a lot of trees and greenery. In such cases, hiring a professional expert in residential and commercial painting can be a great idea. If you want to select a colour scheme that gives a distinct look to your office or home but at the same time you don’t want it to look too outlandish, then you must consult some good external house painters in Brisbane.

Blending in with the neighborhood is not at all a bad idea, but this should not restrict your imagination and force you to not use the colours you want on your walls. Your home is a reflection of who you are. Therefore, it’s fine to choose colour scheme of your house in such a way that it retains individuality.

Important Factors To Follow For Selecting The Best Painting Contractor

“A wise decision makes no place for regrets.”
How much effort did it take to get that beautiful house built or that perfect commercial  structure you always dreamt of? It definitely took a lot of months, hard choices and, of course, a lot of money. The walls are there and the design is exactly what you desired! Whether it’s a new property or you’ve been residing there for a long time, the paint on the walls may need a touch up every few years or so.

Once you have made up your mind to give your home some TLC with a fresh coat of paint,  hiring professional house painters in Brisbane is the next thing you need to focus on. The fact is that there are many painting contractors in Brisbane and all the painting companies are different. When investing in your property, the most important and difficult task is to find the right contractor.

Don’t worry!

This article is just the thing you need.  Let’s talk about the important factors you can keep in mind to choose the best painting contractor in Brisbane.

● Make a list of contractors

Pick up your phone and call the first person you think can assist you the best. Here we’re not talking about calling a contractor, but calling a friend or a person who can give you the best advice. The perfect contractor you might finalize would be the one referred by this referral. Seek help from the  Internet and go through all the mentioned contractors IN DETAIL. Do not rely on official websites only. Open all the reviewing sites, ask questions where you get a chance, shortlist, and add to your list.

●  Call and Interview

Yes, you read it right. After shortlisting and making the list, it’s time to call the contractors and ask them to meet. Ask all the questions that have been making you anxious about getting your property painted. Here are few :

– How long they’ve been in the business?

– What is the procedure they follow to paint?

– What quality and specific products they use?

– How they handle paint spills during the process?

– Cost and time for completion of the project?

Your list of contractors might go short after this process.

●  Warranty and Insurance Policies

Many contractors provide you with all services, complete their project timely but lack to assure the endurance of products. Choose the one who offers products with warranty and use quality effective techniques only.

Also, some contractors don’t insure their workers. Emergency occurs any time and there are certain structures which are risky to work on. Go through all the policies of the painting contractor and check through all the sources that the workers are implemented with all safety measures.

●  Time to Choose the Best Professional House Painter

After shortlisting, interviewing and reviewing policies, it’s time to choose the Professional House Painters for your property. Compare all the costs, time period, insurance policies, quality of work etc. and hire the one that suits you the best in all terms. Seeing all the past records and work, by this time, you may have a clear thought for the best painting contractor.

So, these were some major factors one should follow while selecting the best painting contractor. You should always research a lot while making such big choices. Brisbane is a beautiful place with plenty of Residential & Commercial Professional House Painters. Go ahead and give your property a new and fresh vibe with soothing paints.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Paint for Your Home

Most times of our lives are spent in our homes and working spaces. These places are meant to be perfect with the combination of the right colors and quality products. The walls, interior, and all the surrounding things define us and decide on the kind of energy we feel. We should always spend wisely upon them.

“All that glitters is not gold.”

We often think choosing the right colors for our home to look vibrant is enough. Well, it’s not, it is just the beginning. The more important part is to select the right “type” of paint along with the right colors. Getting a home painted is a long and tiring process. But a little more effort will save your time for many future years. There are many professional house painters in Brisbane who provide quality products for your buildings.

This article will help you to choose the right type of paint for your residential or commercial area.

➔ Acrylic Emulsion Paint

Acrylic emulsion paints are water-based and the most preferred for painting homes. They have the following properties –

❖ Quick-drying and highly durable.

❖ Resistant to flaking, cracking and peeling in case of extreme weather conditions.

❖ Very low level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

❖ Easily cleaned.

❖ Resistant to mildew and fungus.

➔ Enamel Paint

These are oil-based paints that are used almost on any kind of surfaces like wood, walls or metal.

The properties of enamel paint are –

❖ Highly glossy and thus gives a smooth finish to walls.

❖ Long-lasting.

❖ Best suitable for areas with high moisture like kitchens or bathrooms.

❖ Longer drying time.

❖ Emits strong odors that might be harmful to health.

➔ Metallic Paint

Metallic paints contain tiny particles of metals like bronze, aluminum, or copper. These are best suitable for accent walls.

Metallic paint properties –

❖ Water-based paints.

❖ Gives a luxurious look to the space.

❖ A good alternative to wallpaper.

❖ Quite expensive.

❖ Metallic finish to walls.

➔ Textured Paint

Special effects can be created on walls with textured paints. The techniques like stippling, brushing, ragging plus more are used for the effect.

Following are the properties of textured paints –

❖ Generally, thicker than regular paints.

❖ Imparts a rustic look to the walls.

❖ Creates various effects like marble, bricks, stucco and so on.

❖ Comparatively expensive than conventional paints.

❖ Require an expert painter.

➔ Distemper Paint

Commonly known as ‘white-wash’, distemper paints are a mixture of chalk, lime, coloring agents and water.

Properties of distemper paints are –

❖ Can be used on exterior and interior walls.

❖ Do not crack easily.

❖ Can be applied directly on a plastered wall, without using primer.

❖ Difficult to clean, comes off when wet.

❖ Very economical.

➔ Matte Paint

It is the most common for interior walls and ceilings. Matte paint has no shine or sheen to the finish.

They have the following properties –

❖ Easy to apply.

❖ Works well for covering imperfections on the walls.

❖ Can be applied with a brush or roller.

❖ Available at reasonable prices.

❖ Creates a good solid color.

So, know your requirements and complete your research to select the right type of paint. Reach out to the professional residential and commercial painters in Brisbane and get your homes painted with the right paints at economical values.

The Right Way to Painting a House Exterior

A house is called a home when you treat it with love and pay attention to its maintenance. Be it about the air conditioning, plumbing or interior decor, you must take care of everything on a seasonal or annual basis. One thing that does not require yearly care is the exterior. Once you make the right investment and pay heed to the nitty-gritty of exterior residential and commercial painting, it won’t wear off for another 5-10 years depending on a number of factors. Exterior painting may seem to be a laborious process but it can be made relatively easy by choosing the right painting contractor and being well aware about the process, materials involved.

If you’re planning to hire a professional painting contractor for your house any time soon, following are some things you should know about the process.

1. Pressure Washing: The foremost step that any professional would undertake will be the pressure washing of the exterior walls. To get the best coverage, professional painters first aim to remove dirt and dust buildup from house using a pressure washer. Experienced painters Brisbane will work their way from top to bottom of the house in a controlled and consistent way.

2. Repairs: Once the exterior walls are cleaned and all dirt is removed, the next step would be to repair any damaged surfaces. Experienced contractors would go through the perimeter very closely to take a note of any surfaces that need repair. They’d check for the damages in the wood, metal, stucco, or siding. They would use the epoxy filler to fill in the cracks and holes using spackle knife. Once the filler dries out, the process of preparing the walls comes next.

3. Removing the Loose Paint: Once the damages are fixed and the filler has dried up, removing the loose paint is the next step. Parts of the walls that have chipped or loose paint using a scraper.

4. Filling the Gaps: Most painting contractors will move on to filling any gaps that are found between the house and trim around windows and doors. This is mostly done using a caulk gun. They may use different materials based on the composition of the walls and what they’re made from.

5. Priming the Walls: Having filled the gaps, removing the loose painting and doing all necessary walls, priming the walls to hide any unwanted stains is what a professional painting contractor would do next. This is a very important step that no contractor should miss. If missed, you may not get a proper finish and result as expected.

6. Covering the Accents: This is the final step under the prep-phase where you’ll have to make sure that all the windows, lamps, lights, doors and any other wall accent is covered with a plastic sheet so that they do not get spoilt in the process of painting.

7. Painting the Exterior: Before the painter starts with the main task, make sure you’ve checked the colour and confirm if it is what you agreed upon in the first place.

Depending on the walls and the colour, the painting contractor may choose to do two or more coats to achieve the desired finish. Again, the painting should be done from the top to the bottom just like the washing, apply one or two coats of flat or eggshell exterior paint to entire house. If you’re changing the colour from a lighter to a dark shade or vice versa, a coat of primer will be done before the actually paint goes up on the walls.

8. Doors and Windows: Painting the doors and windows should be the last step after the finishing coat has been done on the walls. This is done to ensure that if any paint has dripped from the walls, the spots can be covered.

A professional painting contractor will make sure all these steps are followed systematically to give you shiny house exterior. Knowing the process makes its even more efficient as you can check if the painter is doing the work in the right way or not. If you think, there may not be enough time on your hands to keep a tab on what the painter is doing, the best thing to do is to hire a reputed one who has undertaken several projects in your local area such as professional house painters Brisbane.

Renovate the Walls of Your House with These Latest Aesthetic Painting Techniques

The walls of your home should be able to reflect your vibrant personality and modern lifestyle. Your home should have aesthetically pleasing colors which will give it a unique style. To have a change is also necessary sometimes. Plus, modern home owners do not prefer old and simple interiors with the same color. There are several creative painting techniques that can help you to redecorate the place. The color of your walls should be able to complement the interior of the rooms and give out a fresh and positive vibe. Depending on the style of the room and the taste of various modern home owners, here are some innovative painting ideas for your home-

Use stencils– If you do not want to spend a lot of money on hiring professional painters but still have a sophisticated outlook. Stencils are quite fancy and help to get a stylish and trendy look. There is no better and budget-friendly way to decorate your walls other than stencils. It goes well with all colors and designs.

Go for metallic paint– Metallic paint is a certain idea that never gets old for any house. You can apply it in a number of ways. While some prefer to put the paint directly on the wall, giving it a metallic effect, others try to make it more innovative by applying metallic accents on the former coating. Either way, it looks elegant and stylish.

Stripes are beautiful– It is a simple yet creative idea to give a new look to your wall. Contrasting stripes, especially black and white can complement any design or color. It helps to create a fine texture on the walls. This painting technique is traditional yet has never gone out of style.

Rag painting– Rag painting is quite common these days and helps to create several fine textures and designs with the same colors. This procedure is quite simple as well. One just needs to roll up an old rag, dip it in wet paint and apply on the walls whichever way they want. Creating an aesthetic appeal with the rag painting technology can light up the overall design of your house.

Polka dot pattern– Polka dots are extremely easy to apply that gives a unique look to the walls. You can use shiny colors such as silver or gold for this purpose for a more vibrant effect. Create a happy and whimsical appearance with polka dots. One can apply it over any color as long as they coordinate with each other and give a shiny effect.

Streaks– Streaking is one of the most stylish and sophisticated painting techniques. It is nothing but horizontal or vertical lines of light colors over a certain coating. If done properly, it looks like a beautiful linen material. This painting technique is originally known as Strie which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

With these modern painting techniques, give your home an elegant look easily. Always remember to use colors that blend and go well with each other.

Boost Mental Wellness With The Right Colours on Your Walls

When it comes to painting a house or office space, colours play an important role. They can easily change the energy of a place and make you feel a certain way. The paint colours not just add decoration to the walls but also impact our thoughts and feelings.

Many times we look at different wall colours and feel a certain vibe. When painted right in warm shades, they make us feel calm and relaxed, or happy and excited. On the other hand, the wrong paints in bold and too bright shades make us feel tense, irritated or confused. There are many professional commercial and house painters in Brisbane who can offer a wide range of choices.

The general idea of choosing the right paint colour is to determine the primary function of the room. Who will be using the room and how do you want them to feel? What will be the room used for? What activities will take place in the room?

If you’re looking to make changes in your home paints, here are some facts about various colours and how they affect your mood.


Peaceful, calm and soothing, blue has an amazing power to manage stress. It’s a serene colour that relaxes your mind, keeps blood pressure controlled and reduces anxiety. Light shades of blue give a positive impact while darker blues can trigger depressed feelings. Associated with tranquillity and contentment, it is a popular choice for bedroom walls, and home offices.


White colour symbolizes purity and cleanliness. It creates an illusion of a spacious room and is very common when it comes to painting walls. Surrounded in a white painted room would give you a clarity of thoughts and tackle stressed thoughts. An important factor while choosing white is that it needs to be clean and bright because dull and stark would lead to dull thoughts.


An intense colour, boosting with energy, the right shade of red needs to be chosen carefully as it produces a bold look. Studies show that it can increase adrenaline, raise blood pressure and speed up heart rate. Red is a great choice if you want to stir up lively conversations and excitement in a room.


Violet or purple gives a vibe of royalty, creativity, and wisdom. It has the influence to make you feel peaceful and bring balance to your thoughts. According to some studies, meditation under violet light can be more powerful than any other colour. Light purple or lavender is an ideal paint for bedroom.


The colour of plants and nature, green signifies growth, abundance, and healing. It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing colours that can diffuse anxiety, attract harmonious feelings and keep you calm. Green is the best option in areas that require concentration and quietness like bedroom, office or a library.


Yellow is often associated with optimism, energy and warmth. Having a prominent yellow thing around you can give your day an energetic start. But choose the right shade of yellow for your walls carefully. Don’t go for too bright, your guests shouldn’t feel like they need sunglasses in your home. Soft yellow works best for a cheery and happy mood. It works best for kitchens, offices, and dining rooms.


Many people think grey as dull and a little depressing colour. But the fact is that it has a soothing and cool effect. Warm grey tones offer elegance and can liven up your rooms. When paired with shades of blue or white elements, grey paints can create a calm environment.

Entrusting your painting project to professional painters will ensure that the best shades are chosen for every room. So, get in touch with the best house painters in Brisbane and give your home a happy vibe with the right colours.

5 Tips & Tricks For Painting Your Bedroom

No matter how big our house is, the only room that brings comfort after a long day is the bedroom. Nothing feels better than walking into a beautifully painted room that gives an energetic and refreshing vibe. But if the interior isn’t what we wish, it doesn’t give a lively feel.

Do you think the same? Bored with relaxing in the same room after a long day? Looking to make some changes to your bedroom for a refreshing look?

If you’re planning to paint your room for a new look, here are some tips and tricks that can be followed.


The foremost step while painting your bedroom is to pick the right paint. It not only means choosing your favourite colour but also includes the right finish, quality and brand of the paint.

Go through as many colour testers as you can and then shortlist. Consider all the factors that would affect the appearance of your room from lighting to finishing and final dried appearance. Don’t forget about the paint for the ceiling, choose wisely complementing colour to the walls.

Choose the right brand and don’t fall for low costs. Lower the price, the more coats would be required for the walls without a flawless look. Whereas a little expensive brand might assure quality and a great finish for the walls. Opt for qualitative and eco-friendly paints for your room to avoid any kind of health issues due to bad fumes.


Tools are very important when painting your room. Your contractor should make sure they’re using the right paintbrush for giving walls the effect that you desired. From shape to size to bristles, paintbrushes are more complex than you ever wondered.

Paintbrush with synthetic bristles is best suited for water-based paints, whereas natural bristle is used for solvent-based paints. In addition to bristles, the shape of the paintbrush also matters a lot. Angle sash brush is most apt for corners and areas that are hard to reach. While a no loss brush is suitable for a smooth finish to the walls.

Paint rollers are also a great tool for painting the walls. They come in different lengths and are used to give textured effects to the walls.


After choosing the right paints and tools for your room, the next essential tip is to protect the essential things in the room. You definitely don’t want uneven paint lines along the border or spilt paints on the furniture.

Cover the borders or the parts you don’t want to get painted. A masking tape can be used along the switchboards and borders to avoid untidy paint drops.

In order to protect the furniture, you can remove it from the room or cover it with a canvas or cloth that can absorb the paint. The floor can also be covered with a sheet of plastic or canvas to save cleaning for later.


It’s time to prepare the walls for painting. Make sure the surface of the walls is even and there no holes or patches present. For best results wash the walls properly. Apply a paint primer before starting the final painting to lessen the number of coats and make the look durable.

After cleaning and prepping up the walls for the final step, do not just put the paints on the walls. There are techniques to be followed to get a good result.

Mix the paints together in a bucket to keep the colour consistent instead of pouring into different trays. Always start painting from top to bottom and do not stretch out too much paint for a flawless look.


To give a touch-up and finish up the process, make sure the paint is completely dry. Remove the tape from the borders carefully and clean the sides without peeling off the paint.

Add back the furniture, and decorate the room with elegant decor items.

That’s all, your bedroom is ready!

So, get in touch with the professional house painter in Brisbane and utilize these tips to give your room a great look.